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Convoy-On-The-Move with SkyView GCS

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Quick Deployable – On the move

The SkyRobot will stay ahead of the convoy wherever it goes, without preplanning or manoeuvre restrictions. For example, when the convoy stops, the SkyRobot will automatically enter an orbiting mode and keep its camera positioned on the area surrounding the stopped vehicles. When travelling at speed, the SkyRobot will aim its camera at the desired location relative to the convoy. Video from the SkyRobot is received in convoy vehicles and may also be sent back to base locations.

Fast-moving & Long distance Convoy-protection

Provides high-speed tool for commanders to secure transportations, our mobile SkyRobot systems are designed with roadside challenges in mind.
Moving along paths, roads & infrastructure to gather visual & thermal data, the system can assist in the detection and help to identify many of the threats associated with convoy mobilization.

Our Solution

The Challenge - For troops conducting scouting, surveillance and convoy operations, the lack of a bird’s eye view of their surroundings will hinder their productivity, efficiency and safety. In controlled areas, the ability to deploy an unmanned aircraft system (UAS) is taken for granted. When troops are operating in the field, the ease of deploying a UAS usually evaporates. Issues such as logistics, assembly, and time to launch can negatively impact the ability for a troop to launch a UAS.

The proposed Solution - Robot Aviation’s SkyRobot highly mobile Systems, have been designed with these challenges in mind. Moving along paths, roads & infrastructures to gather visual, thermal and spectral-optic data the system can assist in the detection and help to identify many of the threats that are associated with mobilization of troops and material. Convoy-On-The-Move provides the mission commander with a light, mobile and rugged answer to demanding Reconnaissance, Surveillance and threat detection requirements.

Real-Time Operation

Our Systems are tried & tested. The software enhancement has thousands of hours logged and highly configurable to meet mission requirements and include advanced configuration options to make the best use for our customers

System In Action

As the aircraft becomes airborne normally within minutes, the system can be pre-launched and placed in a pre-determined (but adjustable in flight) route to provide persistence over the Area of Interest.

Best Features - Designed with Real Operations in Mind

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Simplified Logistics

Convoy 2

The simplicity of the application is reflected in its packaging independent on the UAV System in use. The entire system, including launch, landing, vehicle and GCS systems, is contained in man-portable compact form, and when used, for example, with SkyRobot FX10, everything comes also with a backpack option.


Quick Operational Start

lanch fx10

The application is easily paired with any vehicle launched and will perform flawlessly in any scenario of use, permitting its use at virtually any site.




The autonomous control options have been designed with convoys in mind.  The application gives the operator the ability to plot a convoy’s route and command the aircraft to keep a desired distance from the convoy.  During the flight, the operator is always free to manually control the flight path in order survey points of interest outside of the planned route.


GPS Denied


The SkyRobotTM UAS Datalink is using a phased array antenna system that can be used to read the direction and location of the aircraft and is a highly accurate method for GPS-Denied operations.


SkyRobot FX450 is a high performance unmanned aircraft with advanced lightweight composite structure that enables operations in demanding environments with very long endurance.


SkyRobot FX20 is a smaller cost- effective high performance fixed wing for VLOS and BLOS operations. Live video streaming up to 60 km. with high bandwidth communication option (also option for encrypted communications).


SkyRobot FX10 is a highly portable Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) which contains all the parts needed for your surveillance applications.


The FX-Y is a complete system, based on a ruggedized six-rotor VTOL air-vehicle.  Integrated with various payloads and a secure ground control station.

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