Robot Aviation is proud to be delivering ground breaking drones designed and engineered for the future! We believe in integrating digital solutions with the material world in a high class way. Customizing solutions for each industry makes for better and faster decision making, increased awareness and decreased downtime for all our users.

It’s what we call aerial automation at it’s finest!

By joining Robot Aviation you will not only participate in the development of a worldwide industrial drone solution. You will also help industries that pioneer inspection, monitoring, surveying, and search and rescue-operations. And in some cases, help even those who save lives. We strongly believe that the way to accelerate the acceptance of drones in the industry, is linked to making an impact for the end user with a complete solution.

Our journey is about to take off! In just a short period of time Robot Aviation has seen phenomenal growth and expansion. While our main base is in Norway, we have established supporting offices in Sweden, Us and Poland.


Picture creating an impact on a brand new market, while enjoying your job. Your time in the company will be spent developing and implementing your ideas with our highly motivated team! A group of specialised and quality driven people who are in the forefront of commercial drone technology.


Together we have more than a lifetime worth of experience in developing and operating advanced unmanned aircraft systems for defence, public and private sectors. It’s a stimulating and pleasant working environment and we are always looking for more great people to join our team.


Please feel free to send in a open application if you want to participate in the adventure of creating drones for the future!

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