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SkyRobotTM FX-Y

The FX-Y is the result of our aspiration to provide Armed Forces with a VTOL UAS capable of performing aerial surveillance of surface activities during both, daylight and darkness, in a typical worldwide military field operating conditions, providing NATO compliant interoperability.

It is a complete system, based on a ruggedized six-rotor VTOL air-vehicle.  Integrated with various payloads and a secure ground control station, it is a complete solution in a very easy managed and operated system. It is topped off with a state of the art encrypted communications link which includes soldier-comms relay functionality.

It is supported by the integrated logistics support required to operate and maintain the system throughout its lifetime. Robot Aviation team has worked hard to create a system that is safe to use, same time providing the highest level of mobility at a competitive cost.

FX-Y is built on extensive field experience and our NATO STANAG expertise on command and control of multiple sensors in controlled environment. The system provides stabilized live video and metadata with geo-reference and auto-tracking.

Communication Range10km
Speed Range40 to 100kts
Payload Capacity1.5kg
ControlsPreplanned Autonomous & stabilized manual


SkyRobot FX450 is a high performance unmanned aircraft with advanced lightweight composite structure that enables operations in demanding environments with very long endurance.


SkyRobot FX20 is a smaller cost- effective high performance fixed wing for VLOS and BLOS operations. Live video streaming up to 60 km. with high bandwidth communication option (also option for encrypted communications).


SkyRobot FX10 is a highly portable Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) which contains all the parts needed for your surveillance applications.

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