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Robot Aviation is developing and testing SKYROBOT FX450  - an Unmanned Aerial  System to aid emergency response efforts around the Arctic archipelago of Svalbard.


The unmanned aerial system contains telecommunications equipment along with cameras, radar and other sensors useful to search and rescue efforts in cold harsh conditions far from regular rescue services. From the air SKYROBOT FX450  can both locate and monitor people in distress while extending mobile phone, VHF and Maritime Broadband coverage to rescuers and others. The project is in cooperation with Telenor Svalbard and Andøya Space Center and is a response to the need for speed when responding to emergency situations in the Arctic.


A response to increased traffic in the Arctic

Emergency situations are instantly more critical when occurring in remote areas under sub-zero conditions. Meanwhile, traffic in such areas has increased dramatically in recent years sparking the need for real-time situational awareness in a crisis. Should incidents occur our unmanned aerial vehicle can give rescue efforts the capability of a bird's eye view of the situation for up to 24 hours at a time and a range of 2000+km.

As well as disasters and SAR functions, Robot Aviation's Skyrobot will be tested in inspections after avalanches and counting of animals.

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