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SkyRobot FX10: A powerfull ISR UAS in a backpack

SkyRobot FX10 is a backpackable ISR UAS, armed with a great array of tools and features.
An EO/IR sensor makes it ideal for round the clock operations, day and night missions.
It can detect a human in 3km of distance and vehicle detection in 6km.
As it is fully NATO STANAG 4586 compliant, it can be easily integrated on any mission based on the standard. 
It is so easy to operate by only 1 man, a feature that makes it versatile and a great investment.
FX10 is backpackable and is carried by just 1 person (the operator).
The ease of assembly makes it launch-ready in under 15 min by only 1 man.
The powerpack endurance goes up to 2,5h, making it a great tool for thorough surveillance and its mission range reaches 35km.

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