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Tethered tests with the Norwegian Armed Forces in Arctic environment.

A challenge with drones normally is that they have limited battery capacity, so they have limited flight time. Via a cable the drone receives power from the ground and can in theory fly as long as you want. One can use the drone like a mast with the opportunities it provides.
The purpose It is to lift sensors, or to lift communication materials. It’s a tool to get over the treetops and get an overview and look of the situation and potential threats. The system can also lift communications equipment to expand coverage and range over three lines.
This is a technology that many in the Armed Forces find exciting. So that’s why tests are to gain experience and expertise in the area.
The Armed forces have been operating drones for a long time, it’s a highly interesting technology. Tests done here in arctic environment are of course interesting for the Armed Forces, to uncover both advantages and disadvantages, and what uses a tethered drone can have. Therefore, it is important for the Armed Forces to experiment and test things. Porsanger has been chosen as the test area, to test in proper winter conditions.

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